Geter Barber College has been a place where opportunity grows.  State Approved Barber College,  provide a bridge for students who choose to make a successful transition from uncertainties to success.
Because of you, Geter Barber College has been the gap between unemployment to  entrepreneurship. Your generous giving provides student guarantee success by providing increase protective factors to combat proverty. 
Because of you, the College’s barbering program is not only improving the lives of our students, it's also making a difference in our community.
Your partnership with us is critical to their success.
Thank you so much for your  support.

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How to Give:

Checks mailed to:

Geter Barber College

941 E West Andrew Ave

Henderson, NC 27536

Drop off Donations same address:

Items donated:

  • Ink for HP Office PRO 8710

  • Copy Paper

  • Tissue

  • Paper Towels

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Neck Strips